10 Fantasy Art Prompt Ideas

Date: 2022-10-28T00:00:00.000Z


Looking for inspiration? Got art block?

In this post we’ll share 10 fantasy-themed prompts for art, drawing, writing or any other creative endeavor you’re pursuing.

Each of these prompts was created with genspo.xyz which provides millions of random art prompts for free.

Fantasy Art Prompts

1. Eldest Tavern

You could create a tavern scene with multiple characters from multiple backgrounds interacting - an elf mage with a dwarf engineer and minor demon playing cards. Or just focus on the exterior of the tavern and imagine what something like this might look like.

2. Bizarre Trinket

Fantasy stories are filled with hero journeys triggered or thwarted by some bizarre gizmo they’ve run across. Imagine what such a trinket might look like or envision the scene one might appear in.

3. Imperial Gazebo

Fantasy worlds typically have many factions within them to make the world feel alive. In this case you can imagine what such a faction might be like and how their architecture has grown to reflect that.

4. Light Warden

What’s a fantasy story without larger-than-life characters? Imagine what a light warden might be - what is their role in the world and what would they do / look like to fulfill it?

5. Intact Spirit

Most hero journeys have some play on a defeated to victorious spirit. You could create something based on this triumph or you could go in a different direction, thinking how a spirit may be visualized in a fantasy setting.

6. Magnificent Mammoth

Sure we don’t have mammoths anymore in this reality but we’re talking fantasy so maybe mammoths exist in the reality you’re creating.

7. Grotesque Drawbridge

Most fantasy stories have a villain. Here’s your chance to build up their world and figure out what their cities / fortresses look like.

8. Vast Canopy

Large, ancient forests are a staple of traditional high fantasy. You could run with that meaning or consider other versions of what a canopy might mean - in a cloud city or vast market covered in sun shields.

9. Thirsty Blanket

What is a thirsty blanket? I don’t know but maybe the magic users in your world do and it’s a common item.

10. Regional Summer

Instead of focusing on things in your world, you can further build out its richness by considering how different parts of it would look in different seasons - be it spring, summer, fall or whatever seasons exist in this fantasy reality.

Next Steps

That’s 10 fantasy art prompts and some ideas of ways to create with them. At the end of the day there is no right way to create, so hopefully this gives you some inspiration to create how you want!

If you’re looking for more fantasy art / drawing / writing prompts, genspo.xyz has over 6 million prompts and counting. Give it a try!