10 Science Fiction Art Prompt Ideas

Date: 2022-11-03T00:00:00.000Z


Looking for inspiration? Got art block?

In this post we’ll share 10 science fiction themed prompts for art, drawing, writing or any other creative endeavor you’re pursuing.

Each of these prompts was created with genspo.xyz which provides millions of random art prompts for free.

Science Fiction Art Prompts

1. Future Colony

One of the fun things about creating in a science fiction theme is that you can imagine a possible future. You can think about what society is like and how it instantiates itself in communities.

2. Imperial Gauge

Science fiction worlds typically are filled with all sorts of factions to make the world feel alive. Here you could imagine what an empire might look like and what kinds of technologies they use to function.

3. Prime Cable

Many Sci-Fi worlds are a bit dystopian and all of them tend to have some form of long-distance communication. Here you could imagine what this communication is like - what do tv channels / social media / internets / phone calls etc look like?

4. Secondary Accelerator

Most Sci-Fi tends to happen on a many planet scale or larger. Here you could think about how travel works and the worlds that would be built around such logistics.

5. Circular View

Sci-Fi worlds often have structures that are both familiar and alien. You could imagine what different architectures might look like if they weren’t constrained by the kinds of materials / rules that exist in our reality today.

6. Miniature Power

Where do all these worlds get their power?! Consider the logistics and infrastructure that allows the technologies in your sci fi world to work and how that might appear in your scenes.

7. Essential Observatory

Look out at the stars - what do they look like? What are they filled with? Who is looking at them?

8. Neighboring Civilization

Consider what different peoples may exist - how they may differ from other peoples and how that diversity causes harmony / conflict.

9. Successive Designer

What does the architecture / art / fashion / technology look like? Why does it look that way?

10. Condemned Precipitation

These sci fi worlds do not need to follow the same rules Earth does! Consider what kinds of environments you can explore and how those environments may affect the creatures that live there.

Next Steps

That’s 10 science fiction art prompts and some ideas of ways to create with them. At the end of the day there is no right way to create, so hopefully this gives you some inspiration to create how you want!

If you’re looking for more sci fi art / drawing / writing prompts, genspo.xyz has over 6 million prompts and counting. Give it a try!